Shipping & Delivery

International Shipping Methods:

We use EMS (International Express Mail Service) or sea freight[1] for international orders. EMS, we believe to be one of the most reliable international shipping options, is an international express postal service offered by postal-administration members of the UPU (Universal Postal Union).

Payment Methods for International Customers:

International customers are invited to pay through PayPal or through wire transfers. To pay by PayPal, you will need to pay another 6.5% handing charge (4% thereof for PayPal; 2.5% for PayPal withdrawal fee. For more details, please refer to Appendix I). To set up a wire transfer, please make sure to PAY IN FULL, i.e. to cover Third-Party Handing from your site. If there is no correspondent bank between original bank and our E. Sun Bank (SWIF Code: ESUNTWTP)-i.e. you might be unable to set a full payment-, we will issue your invoice with the bank handing fee added. We only accept FULL AMOUNT PAYMENT. For more information, please feel free to contact us at

International Shipping Time Frames:

EMS usually takes 4-5 business days to transport goods to your local customs. It is important to note that the delivery date can delayed due to the customs clearance process of some countries. Please kindly understand that once the package leaves Taiwan, we cannot influence the time of its delivery.

Customs will usually contact you once your ordered package arrives, so that you can pay the customs fees and clear your package. The shipping time frames mentioned above are for reference only and are estimated by EMS. Please be available for contact, since your actions may affect the date when you actually receive your shipments.

About Customs Fees & Clearance:

Please be aware that when using international shipping services, you may be charged customs fees for clearance. These fees are a normal part of international shipping. Some of these fees may include but are not limited to the following: import taxes, duties, clearance fees, and/ or brokerage fees.

International Shipping Rates:

Our international shipping rates are based on EMS’s postage rate, which is calculated by the greater of the volumetric weight[2] and the actual weight.

Please refer to EMS’s Postage Rates Enquiry system at:

International Shipping Availability:

There might be some countries or areas that are not available for international shipping. Much to our regret, this is a decision made by EMS, not by Great Power Model Engine. Please contact us at with any question about countries we can ship to.

Limit of Liability on International Orders:

Great Power Model Engine cannot perfectly guarantee shipping time frames or rates for international orders. In addition, Great Power Model Engine does not assume the responsibility for any customs/ clearance fees.

Please be aware that according to FOB (Free on board), once the package is transported from Great Power Model Engine’s factories to EMS office, Great Power Model Engine will not be liable for any damage, loss, delay that arise from the international shipping process, the shipping carrier, or the customs department of a given country; i.e. by the time the package arrives at EMS office, its ownership will have been transferred to the buyer.


In order to maintain the quality of your orders and avoid potential damage, loss, delay during international shipping process stated above, we strongly recommend insurance for the shipments. For more details about charges, please refer to Appendix II.

Please kindly note that it is impossible to insure any of your shipments, once you make a request for an under-value invoice.

Return Policy for International Order:

Notwithstanding our pride in customer service and our endeavor to ensure the high quality of goods and service, we do not guarantee replacement, reshipment, repair, or return on international shipments. We will do everything we can to help our international customers with problems that may occur during shipment. Please kindly understand that our influence is quite limited once a shipment leaves Taiwan.

Questions about International Shipping:

We sincerely hope this information has answered your questions about International Shipping. If you have any other question or concerns, you are welcomed to contact us at:

Best regards,

Solomon Lin, Sales Supervisor

Great Power Model Engine


Appendix I

[1] All terms with regard to sea freight will vary according to different trade terms.

[2] Volumetric weight (kg) = length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) ÷ 6,000.